India’s “Know India Programme” Celebrates 20 Years of Connecting Youth Diaspora

India’s “Know India Programme” Celebrates 20 Years of Connecting Youth Diaspora

The Ministry of External Affairs hosted the closing ceremony of the 70th Know India Programme (KIP), a three-week immersion experience for young people of Indian origin. This edition, held from December 11th to 29th, brought together 34 participants from nine countries, including Fiji, Mauritius, Trinidad & Tobago, and South Africa.

The KIP marks a monumental 20 years of connecting diaspora youth with their ancestral homeland. Launched in 2003, the program has welcomed over 2,500 participants from 53 countries, fostering cultural understanding and strengthening international ties. Through visits to historical sites, workshops on traditional arts and contemporary issues, and encounters with modern India’s dynamism, KIP offers a holistic journey of rediscovery and belonging.

“This program is not just about tourism,” shared Secretary (CPV & OIA) Shri Muktesh K. Pardeshi at the closing ceremony. “It’s about building bridges, about understanding our roots and sharing them with the world.”

The impact of KIP extends far beyond personal enrichment. Alumni become ambassadors, sharing their newfound appreciation for India’s diverse heritage and fostering intergenerational connections. They contribute to their communities, enriching them with the vibrant tapestry of their ancestry.

The program’s success lies in its inclusivity. Open to Persons of Indian Origin aged 21-35 from all countries, it prioritizes youth from historical migration regions like Girmitiya countries. Participants receive subsidized airfare and comprehensive local hospitality during the program.

From exploring yoga and Ayurveda to witnessing India’s economic strides in programs like Digital India and StartUp India, KIP participants gain a nuanced understanding of their heritage and India’s contemporary landscape.

As the KIP enters its 21st year, the 71st edition is already set to take place from January 3rd to 19th, 2024. The journey continues, promising to connect generations and nourish the roots of diaspora identity for years to come.