Indus International School introduces teaching robot – Eagle

Indus International School has introduced the novel and first Teaching Robot in India, the ‘Eagle Robot’, developed by the school, as part of a collaborative learning model at its schools.

21 Eagle Robots have been deployed across three of the Indus Schools, seven each in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Pune. Eagle Robot is highly interactive, makes the experience personalised along with emotion emulation through the digital face.

Eagle robot is capable of teaching students of grade 5 to 11, in the classroom along with the human teacher and also in a stand-alone mode.

They can impart education in more than 30 different languages, clarify doubts by answering, ask questions and conduct an automated assessment at the end of the class with the help of analytics. Eagle robots are programmed to teach all the science and humanities subjects including languages.

Children can connect with the assessment and content of the robot through devices like mobile, tab or laptop.