International Youth Day 2022

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Every year, International Youth Day is celebrated on August 12 to mark the contribution of today’s youth to the development of society. The significance of this day is also to raise voices against the injustice faced by the youth worldwide as the young people aren’t only tomorrow’s leaders, but they are also making huge changes in society right now.

This year’s theme for International Youth Day 2022 is “Intergenerational solidarity: creating a world for all ages.” Ageism, a practice of discrimination based on an individual’s age, is the topic of International Youth Day in 2022. This problem affects both young and old people, and both frequently experience long-lasting financial and psychological suffering that has an effect on society as a whole.

The International Youth Day was first celebrated on August 12, 2000, and since then the day has been utilised to educate the general public. The day was established when the World Conference of Ministers Responsible for Youth recommended it to the UN General Assembly on December 17, 1999. The United Nations General Assembly started working actively to educate and inspire the youngsters in 1965. They approved the declaration of promoting the values of peace, respect for others, and intercultural understanding.

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