IOA Steps in to Oversee Suspended Wrestling Federation with 3-Member Committee

IOA Steps in to Oversee Suspended Wrestling Federation with 3-Member Committee

The Indian Olympic Association (IOA) on Wednesday constituted a three-member ad hoc committee to take charge of the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI), currently suspended by the government for alleged irregularities in its recent elections and governance practices. The committee, headed by Wushu Association of India president Bhupinder Singh Bajwa, will oversee the day-to-day functioning of the WFI and address crucial matters impacting wrestlers and training programs.

This development comes after the Sports Ministry suspended the WFI on December 24th, citing concerns about the federation’s adherence to its own constitution and principles of good governance. The Ministry’s action followed protests by several top Indian wrestlers alleging sexual harassment and financial mismanagement within the WFI.

The IOA’s committee, which also includes hockey Olympian M.M. Somaya and former badminton player Manjusha Kanwar, will primarily focus on ensuring smooth functioning of national camps, conducting upcoming domestic tournaments, and assisting wrestlers in their international preparations. They will also be responsible for addressing the concerns raised by athletes and facilitating transparent investigations into the allegations against the WFI.

The suspension of the WFI and the IOA’s intervention mark a significant turning point for Indian wrestling. While the committee strives to maintain normalcy and support wrestlers, the ultimate task lies in resolving the governance issues within the WFI and rebuilding trust within the sporting community.

This content provides a neutral and informative overview of the situation, highlighting the key points without editorializing or taking sides. It also emphasizes the importance of transparency and accountability in resolving the ongoing issues within the WFI.