ITU’s Regional Standardization Forum for Asia and Oceania region to begin from August 9


International Telecommunication Union’s Regional Standardization Forum for Asia and Oceania region will begin in New Delhi from 9th August 2022. Communications Ministry will host the forum on the theme of- ‘Regulatory and Policy aspects of Telecommunications’.

The Ministry said that over two hundred fifty delegates from twenty countries will participate in the Forum. It said, the panel discussion aims to provide an insight to Asia and Oceania Region’s experience from policy and regulatory perspective under various sub-themes.

The Ministry highlighted that the Regional Standardization Forum is a platform for constructive exchange of ideas, discussing standardization topics in various sectors of technology and the Role of ITU Standards, Harnessing Technologies for Digital and Financial Inclusion in Emerging Markets, Evolving Data Value Chain and Digital Health. The Department of Telecommunications will also organise an exhibition to showcase various innovative Digital products and services of the country.

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