Jitendra Singh to lead Indian delegation at Global Clean Energy Action Forum

Union minister Jitendra Singh will lead an Indian delegation at Global Clean Energy Action Forum this week at Pittsburg in the US.

Ministers from over 30 countries will participate in the event to discuss ways of accelerating clean energy innovation and deployment. The Indian delegation is likely to highlight efforts made in the fields of bio-refineries, sustainable aviation fuels, materials accelerated platforms, carbon capture, and hydrogen valley platforms to expedite clean energy solutions.

He is likely to underline India’s commitment to a low-carbon future that aims to transform the energy landscape by accelerating clean innovations under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

He will also hold a roundtable with executives of about 35 companies and federal representatives associated with geospatial, space, earth and ocean science, pharma, and biotech sectors in Washington DC as well as interact with academics and the Indian diaspora.