Justice Subhasis Talapatra Takes Helm as 33rd Chief Justice of Orissa High Court

Justice Subhasis Talapatra Takes Helm as 33rd Chief Justice of Orissa High Court
Justice Subhasis Talapatra Takes Helm as 33rd Chief Justice of Orissa High Court

With the formal investiture ceremony held under the vigilant gaze of Governor Ganeshi Lal, Justice Subhasis Talapatra has officially ascended to the coveted position of the 33rd Chief Justice of the Orissa High Court. This momentous occasion signals a dynamic shift in leadership, succeeding Justice S Muralidhar and heralding a tenure that, though relatively succinct, holds immense promise. The succession took place through the solemn administration of the oath of office, reinforcing the principles of justice and legal integrity.

Justice Talapatra’s stewardship as the Chief Justice of the Orissa High Court is set to span a relatively abbreviated period, drawing to a close upon his retirement on October 3, 2023. While the duration may be compact, the impact he leaves behind is poised to reverberate through the corridors of justice and jurisprudence.

Born on October 4, 1961, in Udaipur, Tripura, Justice Talapatra embarked on his judicial voyage marked by dedication and acumen. His judicial career burgeoned with his induction as a judge in the Tripura High Court on September 13, 2013, having previously served as an additional judge in the same institution starting November 15, 2011. His tenure was punctuated by notable achievements, including assuming the role of acting Chief Justice of the Tripura High Court in 2018 and 2019 on two distinct occasions.

The trajectory of Justice Talapatra’s contributions led him to the esteemed Orissa High Court. His transfer as a judge to this institution transpired on June 1, 2022, culminating in his formal investiture on June 10, 2022, with the oath of office and the accompanying responsibilities it entails.

Notably, Justice Talapatra’s elevation to the position of Chief Justice of the Orissa High Court was propelled by his nomination put forth by the eminent Supreme Court Collegium, guided by the sagacious leadership of Chief Justice of India DY Chandrachud. The Collegium, composed of the five most senior judges, including the Chief Justice of India, bears the weighty responsibility of evaluating and endorsing promotions, elevations, and appointments in the higher echelons of the judiciary. This meticulous process ensures the continuity of legal acumen and principles within the hallowed halls of justice.

As Justice Talapatra assumes his role as the 33rd Chief Justice, the intricate tapestry of legal governance within the Orissa High Court gains a new pattern, infused with his wisdom and experience. This change in leadership mirrors the inherent dynamism of the judicial landscape, embodying the essence of justice for the betterment of society.

Governor of Odisha: Ganeshi Lal