Karnataka Announces “Shakti Scheme” Offering Free Bus Travel for Women

Karnataka Announces "Shakti Scheme" Offering Free Bus Travel for Women
Karnataka Announces "Shakti Scheme" Offering Free Bus Travel for Women

The Karnataka government has taken a significant step towards empowering women by launching the “Shakti Scheme,” which grants free bus travel to women across the state. This initiative aims to enhance women’s safety, mobility, and economic independence while enabling them to access education, employment, and other opportunities.

Under the “Shakti Scheme,” women of all age groups will be eligible for free bus travel on both government and private buses operated within Karnataka. The scheme covers a wide range of buses, including intra-city buses, inter-city buses, and long-distance buses. It aims to ensure that women can commute conveniently and securely to their desired destinations, whether it be for work, education, or leisure.

This scheme is a testament to the Karnataka government’s commitment to gender equality and women’s empowerment. By providing free bus travel, the government aims to reduce the financial burden on women and promote their active participation in various aspects of society. It is expected to enable women from diverse backgrounds to overcome transportation challenges and exercise their right to mobility.

To avail themselves of the benefits of the “Shakti Scheme,” women will need to register themselves through a designated online portal or at select government offices. Upon successful registration, they will be issued a unique identification card that can be used to access free bus travel services. The government has also ensured that the registration process is user-friendly and easily accessible to women across the state.

The “Shakti Scheme” is a landmark initiative that aligns with the government’s vision of fostering women’s empowerment and ensuring their safety and well-being. It is a progressive step towards creating an inclusive society where women have equal opportunities and the freedom to move around without constraints.

The introduction of the “Shakti Scheme” in Karnataka has garnered widespread appreciation from various sections of society. Women’s rights activists, social organizations, and citizens have hailed this initiative as a game-changer that will positively impact the lives of women in the state. With the implementation of this scheme, Karnataka joins the ranks of a few progressive states in India that are actively working towards women’s empowerment and gender equality.

The “Shakti Scheme” is expected to bring about a positive transformation by empowering women and promoting their active participation in society. It sets a precedent for other states to follow suit and implement similar initiatives that prioritize women’s safety, mobility, and empowerment.