Kerala Governor Unveils Debashis Chatterjee’s Translated Novel and Latest Work

The Malayalam translation of “Krishna – the 7th Sense,” a celebrated debut novel by the esteemed academic and globally acclaimed management guru, Debashis Chatterjee, was unveiled by Kerala Governor, Arif Mohammed Khan. During the event, the Governor also presented the latest edition of Prof. Chatterjee’s work, “Karma Sutras – Leadership and Wisdom in Uncertain Times,” which serves as the lead book for the IIMK-Penguin Series for New Managers.

“Krishna: The 7th Sense” offers readers an allegorical journey into the lives of a teacher named Keshav and his former students, Neel, Kaya, and others, while imparting unforgettable lessons in love. The novel weaves a magnificent saga of passion, pain, acceptance, affection, faith, and fulfillment—a timeless story that seamlessly blends ancient wisdom with contemporary themes.

In a world where the flames of romance often flicker and fade, the novel poses a captivating question: “What went wrong?” However, it also offers a unique perspective on rediscovering the flame of ecstatic love, providing readers with a chance to experience love anew or view it from a timeless horizon. The narrative beautifully envisions the presence of Shri Krishna as a mentor, guiding individuals through the complexities of passion and the challenges of life.

Keshav’s wisdom resonates throughout the novel as he states, “The ultimate destiny of a human being is to complete oneself. It is the art of putting your whole life together—connecting yourself to your source. This is where you started. Your original nature is love… your seventh sense.” The novel’s enchanting storytelling can best be described as a blend of “The Prophet meets The Alchemist,” offering readers a profound and transformative reading experience.