Kerala set to become women-friendly tourism destination

With a view to becoming a women-friendly tourism destination, Kerala has launched a project to encourage the participation of women in all tourism activities and attract more women tourists to the State.

The ‘women-friendly tourism’ project, an initiative of the State Responsible Tourism Mission (RT Mission), aims to establish women-friendly tourism centres and empower women. The project will be implemented ensuring the participation of women from all sections of society.

The Minister said this initiative is conceived not just as stand-alone package, but as a comprehensive project to ensure presence of ordinary women in various tourism activities and bring more women travellers to the state.

Through this project, RT Mission ensures safe and hygienic places and tourism destinations for women tourists. The all-women tour packages will be controlled and operated by women, including food, accommodation, transportation and community guides, he said.

Through the project, RT Mission aims to create a network of women’s units and tourism centres manned by women. The project will also ensure that tourism destinations in the state are fulfilling the needs of women tourists.