Kerala Unveils Amaze-28: A Revolutionary 3D-Printed Building

Kerala Unveils Amaze-28: A Revolutionary 3D-Printed Building
Kerala Unveils Amaze-28: A Revolutionary 3D-Printed Building

Kerala has achieved a remarkable milestone in the construction industry by introducing Amaze-28, the state’s inaugural building constructed using cutting-edge 3D printing technology. This revolutionary architectural masterpiece, featuring a 380-square-foot, single-room summer house, was recently revealed at the Kerala State Nirmithi Kendra (Kesnik) campus in PTP Nagar, Thiruvananthapuram.

The construction of Amaze-28 was accomplished in a mere 28 hours using 3D printing, while conventional techniques were utilized for other components like windows and roofing. The most outstanding advantage of this technology is its unprecedented speed.

The Kerala State Nirmithi Kendra, in collaboration with Tvasta, a Chennai-based construction technology startup founded by IIT-Madras alumni, spearheaded this project. The name ‘Amaze-28’ aptly reflects the remarkable feat of constructing a building in just 28 days.

3D printing is a revolutionary manufacturing technique that relies on a layer-by-layer printing process, involving three essential phases: data processing, material processing, and robotic printing. It not only enables rapid construction of a 380-square-foot building in 28 days but also allows for intricate architectural designs with precision and uniformity, a task that would typically take three to four times longer using conventional methods.

The advantages of 3D printing extend beyond its speed and design flexibility. A key dimension of this technology is its sustainability, with significantly reduced waste, especially when computerized methods are employed. This aligns perfectly with the global shift toward eco-friendly construction practices.

Amaze-28 is not just a symbolic achievement but also a highly functional one. It is intended to serve as a conference hall and a training center, showcasing the practical applications of this groundbreaking technology.

Kerala has ambitious plans to commercialize this pioneering technology, drawing the attention of both private and government organizations. Ongoing discussions with entities like KIIFB and ISRO underscore the substantial interest and potential applications of 3D printing within the construction industry.

As the construction industry undergoes a transformative shift towards efficiency and eco-friendliness, Amaze-28 serves as a symbol of what can be accomplished with 3D printing technology. It is expected that this groundbreaking project will inspire future innovations in construction, not only within India but on a global scale.

Director of Kerala State Nirmithi Kendram: Debi Varghese