Madhya Pradesh Launches “MP State Esports Academy” to Nurture Esports Talent

Madhya Pradesh Launches "MP State Esports Academy" to Nurture Esports Talent
Madhya Pradesh Launches "MP State Esports Academy" to Nurture Esports Talent

In a groundbreaking move to foster and nurture esports talent, Madhya Pradesh is all set to launch the “MP State Esports Academy.” This novel online gaming industry aims to provide young esports players with an unparalleled opportunity and platform to advance their gaming skills to a professional level.

The primary focus of the “MP State Esports Academy” lies in training and mentoring aspiring gaming and esports professionals. To select the most talented players, the academy will conduct an esports tournament where participants will showcase their gaming prowess. Remarkably, 80% of the seats in the academy are exclusively reserved for esports enthusiasts hailing from Madhya Pradesh, while the remaining seats welcome gamers from all corners of the country. The inclusive nature of the tournament allows anyone passionate about esports to compete for a coveted spot at the academy.

Kicking off the esports journey, the state-wide “MP Junior Esports Championship” is scheduled to take place between July 27 and August 7, catering specifically to esports enthusiasts aged between 12 and 17 years. Organized by the sports department, this 10-day tournament will provide a vibrant platform for young participants to showcase their gaming skills and passion for esports.

Beyond merely promoting esports, the establishment of the “MP State Esports Academy” aligns with a broader goal of blending traditional and modern sports. Emphasizing sports that are represented in the Asian Games and Olympics, the academy endeavors to develop a holistic approach to sports education in the state. By nurturing young talents in emerging sports like esports alongside traditional sports, Madhya Pradesh aims to be at the forefront of sports development in the nation.

Selected esports athletes who earn a spot at the academy will be entitled to 12 months of intensive coaching and top-quality esports education, offered entirely free of charge by the government.

The growing prominence of esports on the global sports stage is evident, with its inclusion as a medal sport in the Asian Games 2022 and a pilot event in the Commonwealth Games 2022. The esports industry in India is experiencing a substantial surge, with projections indicating a fourfold growth and a potential market value of INR 1,100 crore by 2025. Acknowledging this immense potential, prominent esports companies from around the world are keenly exploring opportunities in India.

Under the leadership of Sports Minister Yashodhara Raje Scindia, Madhya Pradesh embarks on an exciting journey with the “MP State Esports Academy,” aspiring to harness and celebrate the immense talent of esports enthusiasts in the state and beyond.