Mastercard Takes Over as ICC’s Global Sponsor, Elevating Cricket’s Global Reach


In a significant development for the world of cricket, Mastercard has taken on the role of the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) global sponsor, marking a new era of collaboration and growth for the sport. This partnership between Mastercard, a global leader in payment solutions, and the ICC aims to elevate cricket’s global reach and engage fans across the globe.

As the ICC’s global sponsor, Mastercard brings its expertise, global network, and innovative solutions to the world of cricket. This collaboration not only benefits the ICC but also presents exciting opportunities for cricketing nations, players, and fans worldwide.

Mastercard’s association with the ICC demonstrates its commitment to supporting the growth of cricket at both grassroots and professional levels. The partnership will facilitate the development of cricketing infrastructure, initiatives, and programs that nurture talent, enhance fan experiences, and promote the spirit of the game.

Cricket, known for its passionate following and widespread popularity, has an expansive fan base across continents. By partnering with the ICC, Mastercard aims to leverage its global platform to engage fans, enhance their experiences, and foster deeper connections with the sport they love.

The collaboration between Mastercard and the ICC will also provide new avenues for innovation and technology integration in cricket. This partnership opens doors for exploring advancements in digital fan engagement, ticketing solutions, and the overall fan experience both inside and outside stadiums.

Furthermore, as a global sponsor, Mastercard’s association with the ICC will contribute to the promotion of cricket’s values, diversity, and inclusivity. This partnership aligns with Mastercard’s commitment to fostering social impact and supporting initiatives that empower individuals and communities through sports.

The global sponsorship of the ICC by Mastercard signifies a significant step forward for cricket, as it joins forces with a renowned global brand that has a track record of supporting sports and engaging fans across various disciplines.

In conclusion, Mastercard’s takeover as the ICC’s global sponsor brings a fresh wave of enthusiasm and opportunities to the world of cricket. This collaboration not only highlights Mastercard’s commitment to supporting the growth of the sport but also showcases the ICC’s dedication to expanding cricket’s global footprint. As the partnership unfolds, fans can look forward to exciting developments, enhanced experiences, and a stronger global presence for the beloved game of cricket.

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