MoS Bharati Pravin Pawar speaks at an event Pharma Anveshan-2023 on the occasion of “National Pharmacy Education Day”


Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare Dr. Bharati Pravin Pawar said that the world trusts India today and this earned trust has garnered India the title of Pharmacy of the World. She was speaking at an event Pharma Anveshan-2023 on the occasion of National Pharmacy Education Day in New Delhi today.

Stressing on the manufacturing of high-quality medicines in the country, the Minister said, it is important to ensure that the drugs manufactured in the country and consumed by international consumers are of high quality and comply with standard global manufacturing protocols. She highlighted the need to work on need-based medicine manufacturing and suggested pharmacy institutes to create awareness about drugs, their usage, the importance of hygiene and community disease prevention. She said, it is the need of the hour to adopt a focused approach to impart the best pharmacy education in the country. On this occasion, Dr. Pawar launched One Stop-Non-Stop digital job portal of Pharmacy Council of India.

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