Nagaland Launches Aadhaar-Linked Birth Registration (ALBR) System for Children

Nagaland Launches Aadhaar-Linked Birth Registration (ALBR) System for Children
Nagaland Launches Aadhaar-Linked Birth Registration (ALBR) System for Children

Nagaland, a trailblazer in the North Eastern region, has introduced a pioneering initiative known as the Aadhaar-Linked Birth Registration (ALBR) system. This innovative program is designed to simplify the often intricate processes of birth registration and Aadhaar enrolment for children between the ages of 0 and 5.

The formal inauguration of this groundbreaking system was led by Commissioner T Mhabemo Yanthan. The launch event featured a live demonstration, resulting in the successful registration of two newborn infants. This achievement represents a significant stride towards ensuring that every child can access social welfare services as their birthright.

The core objective of the ALBR system is to enhance the journey for both parents and children during the critical phases of birth registration and Aadhaar enrolment. Through ALBR, the Aadhaar enrolment process is seamlessly integrated with birth registration, simplifying the overall procedure. This streamlined enrolment method is facilitated using a tablet and overseen by Child Enrolment Lite Client (CELC) Operators, requiring only a proof of relationship document to enroll the child.

One of the primary advantages of the ALBR system is the provision of a unique identity to infants. This unique identity not only ensures the accurate tracking of crucial services like immunization, Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS), education, and various social welfare benefits but also enhances convenience and efficiency for parents and relevant departments.

To ensure the successful implementation and accessibility of the ALBR system across different districts, the Directorate of Economics and Statistics in Nagaland, which also functions as the Registrar for Birth and Death for the state, has been seamlessly integrated into the UIDAI ecosystem. This integration empowers the directorate to operate as a Registrar cum Enrolment Agency, responsible for conducting child enrolments through the ALBR process.

With the ALBR initiative now in action, this groundbreaking endeavor is poised to benefit children in their formative years, safeguarding their rights and entitlements and contributing to a brighter future for Nagaland’s youngest citizens.

Director of Economics and Statistics, Nagaland: Neidilhou Angami