Nagasaki Day 2022

Every year, August 9 is observed as the black day of Japan or Nagasaki Day. It marks the day when the US military dropped an atomic bomb named Fat Man on the city of Nagasaki. It was the second city that was bombed in Japan after Hiroshima.

The nuclear attack led to the mass killing of around 74,000 people. The Japanese emperor surrendered six days after the bombing of Nagasaki city. The bombing which took place led to the surrender of Japan in World War II. The attack was the first and last seen in the two cities that wiped out generations of mankind from that place. The loss of lives was a cause of concern for people across the world.

The Japanese war council was not convinced to surrender after the Hiroshima attack, which further led to the bombing of Nagasaki city. In the year 1945, during World War II, around 39 per cent of the population was wiped out by the bombing of the city.

The day highlights the damage to property and the lives of people. Many lives, including nurses and doctors, also came to an end. There was no medical aide provided during that incident, which resulted in the spreading of diseases like leukaemia, thyroid, breast and lung cancer on a large scale.