National Chilika Birds Festival 2024

National Chilika Birds Festival 2024

Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik inaugurated the fourth National Chilika Birds Festival, organized collaboratively by the Department of Tourism, Department of Forest, and Chilika Development Authority.

Opening Ceremony Highlights

  • The festival began with a captivating ‘Photo Exhibition’ grand opening.
  • Patnaik praised the collective efforts of the three departments, envisioning Odisha as a prominent birding hub.

Festival Overview

  • Patnaik described the festival as a “pilgrimage for over a million-winged visitors” to Asia’s largest brackish water lake, Chilika Lake.
  • The three-day program, running until January 29, saw the participation of 52 selected birders from various parts of India.

Birding Excursions

  • Attendees and representatives embarked on birding excursions to Mangalajodi and Nalabana, both situated in the northeastern part of Chilika.


  • Known as the “Birds Paradise of Asia,” Mangalajodi attracts hundreds of thousands of “Winged Guests” during the winter.

Conservation Efforts

  • State Tourism Minister Aswini Kumar Patra highlighted Odisha’s success as a birding hub, attributing it to focused wetland and bird conservation efforts.
  • The latest census revealed a total count of 11.37 lakh birds across over 187 species.

OTDC Chairman’s Perspective

  • Odisha Tourism Development Corporation (OTDC) Chairman Dr. Lenin Mohanty emphasized community-led conservation in Mangalajodi, positioning Odisha as a premier birding destination.

Vision for Odisha

  • Director Nandankanan & Chief Executive Chilika Development Authority Dr. Manoj Nair expressed the joint vision of positioning Odisha as the most sought-after birding hub in the Asia-Pacific region.

State of India’s Birds

  • The opening ceremony unveiled “State of India’s Birds” poster and video, presenting a scientific report assessing India’s bird species.
  • The collaborative effort involved contributions from 13,000 bird watchers.

Festival Discussions

  • Discussions led by various experts played a crucial role in advancing the festival’s objective of fostering awareness and appreciation for avian life around Chilika Lake.
  • Experts covered scientific research, birding experiences, and visual storytelling.

Key Participants

  1. Director Nandankanan & Chief Executive Chilika Development Authority – Dr. Manoj Nair
  2. Scientist from the Wildlife Institute of India – Suresh Kumar
  3. Birder and Author – Panchami Manoo Ukil
  4. Renowned Photographer – Dhritiman Mukherjee


  • The festival aims to synergize conservation efforts with tourism development, positioning Chilika as the soul of Odisha Tourism.

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

Q: Who inaugurated the fourth National Chilika Birds Festival?

  • A. Aswini Kumar Patra
  • B. Dr. Lenin Mohanty
  • C. Naveen Patnaik
  • D. Dr. Manoj Nair
  • Answer: C. Naveen Patnaik

Q: Where did the birding excursions take place during the festival?

  • A. Chilika Lake
  • B. Mangalajodi and Nalabana
  • C. Nandankanan
  • D. Wildlife Institute of India
  • Answer: B. Mangalajodi and Nalabana

Q: What is Mangalajodi known as?

  • A. Chilika Paradise
  • B. Bird Haven
  • C. Birds Paradise of Asia
  • D. Avian Sanctuary
  • Answer: C. Birds Paradise of Asia

Q: How many bird species were recorded in the latest census?

  • A. 52
  • B. 187
  • C. 11.37 lakh
  • D. 13,000
  • Answer: B. 187

Q: What collaborative effort was unveiled during the opening ceremony?

  • A. Joint Vision for Odisha
  • B. State of India’s Birds poster and video
  • C. Conservation Initiatives
  • D. Birding Excursions
  • Answer: B. State of India’s Birds poster and video