National Council for Transgender Persons Addresses Key Issues in Pivotal Meeting

National Council for Transgender Persons Addresses Key Issues in Pivotal Meeting

The National Council for Transgender Persons (NCTP) held a significant meeting under the leadership of Shri Saurabh Garg, Secretary, Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment at the Dr. Ambedkar International Centre (DAIC).


The meeting aimed to address challenges encountered by transgender individuals, focusing on key areas including:

  • Education
  • Life with dignity
  • Health support
  • Livelihood opportunities
  • Skill Enhancement

Specific Concerns Raised

Several specific concerns were raised during the meeting, including:

  • Necessity for unisex toilets
  • Establishment of shelter homes
  • Distribution of Ayushman Cards
  • Provision of GarimaGreh

Ministry’s Response

The Ministry reiterated its commitment to tackling these issues, showcasing a proactive stance towards improving the well-being and recognition of transgender individuals.

Transgender Portal

Discussion centered around the development of a transgender portal, envisioned as a centralized platform to facilitate access to resources and support services. This portal aims to enhance navigation for transgender individuals across various aspects of their lives.

Barriers and Solutions

The meeting underscored the need for concerted efforts to overcome barriers hindering the realization of rights and opportunities for transgender individuals. The Ministry emphasized its dedication to ensuring equitable inclusion and empowerment, stressing the importance of continuous collaboration and dialogue.


The meeting saw active participation from senior officials representing various Ministries/Departments/States, alongside esteemed members of the transgender community. Their insights enriched discussions, highlighting the urgency of addressing systemic challenges faced by the transgender population.

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs):

  1. Who chaired the pivotal meeting of the National Council for Transgender Persons?
    • A) Shri Ambedkar
    • B) Shri Saurabh Garg
    • C) Shri Narendra Modi
    • D) Shri Rajnath Singh
    • Answer: B) Shri Saurabh Garg
  2. What were the primary agenda items discussed during the meeting?
    • A) Environmental conservation
    • B) Education, livelihood opportunities
    • C) Space exploration
    • D) Wildlife protection
    • Answer: B) Education, livelihood opportunities
  3. Which of the following was NOT a specific concern raised during the meeting?
    • A) Necessity for unisex toilets
    • B) Establishment of shelter homes
    • C) Distribution of Ayushman Cards
    • D) Construction of highways
    • Answer: D) Construction of highways
  4. What initiative did the Ministry emphasize to address the issues faced by transgender individuals?
    • A) Building more schools
    • B) Establishing new hospitals
    • C) Developing a transgender portal
    • D) Launching a space mission
    • Answer: C) Developing a transgender portal
  5. Who actively participated in the meeting alongside senior officials?
    • A) Only government officials
    • B) Only members of the transgender community
    • C) Both senior officials and members of the transgender community
    • D) Only students
    • Answer: C) Both senior officials and members of the transgender community