Neeraj Mittal Assumes Office as Secretary of the Department of Telecommunications

Neeraj Mittal has assumed the role of Secretary of the Department of Telecommunications (DoT), marking a pivotal moment in the evolution of India’s telecommunications sector. The appointment, made by the Government of India, reflects the government’s commitment to fostering technological advancements and ensuring seamless connectivity across the nation.

Neeraj Mittal, an accomplished civil servant, brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to his new position. Prior to this appointment, he served as the Chief Executive Officer of the Andhra Pradesh Investment Promotion and Facilitation Board (APIPFB). During his tenure, he played a significant role in promoting investment in the state’s telecommunications infrastructure, making it one of the most digitally connected regions in the country.

Mittal’s career in the civil services spans several decades, during which he has held key positions at both the state and central levels. His appointment as Secretary of the DoT is seen as a strategic move to further accelerate the growth of India’s telecommunications sector, which has been expanding rapidly in recent years.

The telecommunications sector in India has witnessed a remarkable transformation, with the widespread adoption of 4G technology and the ongoing rollout of 5G networks. Neeraj Mittal’s leadership is expected to play a pivotal role in shaping the regulatory landscape, promoting innovation, and ensuring that affordable and high-quality telecommunications services are accessible to all citizens.

In his inaugural address to the department’s staff, Neeraj Mittal expressed his commitment to leveraging technology to bridge the digital divide and enhance connectivity in remote and underserved areas. He also emphasized the importance of fostering a conducive environment for investments in the sector and promoting research and development initiatives to stay at the forefront of technological advancements.

Mittal’s appointment has garnered positive responses from industry leaders and experts who anticipate that his leadership will drive the Indian telecommunications sector to new heights. As India continues to digitize and modernize its economy, the role of the DoT and its Secretary is more critical than ever, and Neeraj Mittal’s tenure is eagerly awaited by stakeholders across the country.