New Noida Authority CEO Lokesh M Outlines Focus on Industrial Growth and Public Hearing System

Stepping into the leadership role as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Noida Authority, Lokesh M brings a resolute vision for the city’s future. In a recent meeting with officials, the 2005-batch IAS officer laid down his focal points, emphasizing industrial growth and a robust public hearing system as crucial pillars of his tenure. Following the transfer of former CEO Ritu Maheshwari to Divisional Commissioner Agra, Lokesh M now takes charge, promising to address the concerns of allottees, farmers, and citizens.

Hailing from Karnataka, Lokesh M completed his training in Aligarh in 2006, embarking on a journey marked by several distinguished postings. His administrative prowess was evident during his tenure as District Magistrate and Collector in Mainpuri, Kushinagar, Etah, Ghazipur, Amroha, and Kaushambi districts from 2009 to 2016. Notably, during his time in Saharanpur as Divisional Commissioner, he made noteworthy strides by establishing de-addiction centers in the district.

Having served on deputation to Karnataka from 2016 to 2021, Lokesh M brought a diverse range of experiences to the table before assuming the role of Divisional Commissioner in Saharanpur and later as Agra Commissioner on May 31. With a commendable track record, he recently held the position of Kanpur Commissioner before taking on the vital responsibility as Noida Authority CEO.

In his initial interactions with the authority staff, Lokesh M articulated his vision of transforming Noida into a “beautiful city,” further elevating its stature and catering to the needs of its residents. A crucial aspect of his agenda is the improvement of the public hearing system, ensuring a robust mechanism for addressing citizens’ grievances and fostering effective communication.

Lokesh M’s appointment marks an auspicious moment for Noida’s development journey, as the city stands poised to witness progress and citizen-centric governance under his leadership. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, he envisions a bright future for Noida, characterized by industrial growth, enhanced services, and a strengthened bond between the administration and its residents.