One Nation, One Pass for Forest Produce: India Streamlines Timber Transport with New System

One Nation, One Pass for Forest Produce: India Streamlines Timber Transport with New System

Union Minister for Environment, Forest and Climate Change and Labour and Employment Shri Bhupender Yadav has launched the National Transit Pass System (NTPS) pan-India to facilitate the seamless transit of timber, bamboo, and other forest produce across the country.

One Nation, One Pass:

The NTPS is envisioned as a “One Nation-One Pass” regime, eliminating the need for separate transit permits for each state. This will streamline the process and make it easier for businesses to transport timber and forest products.

Benefits for Everyone:

  • Ease of doing business: The online platform will provide a unified mode for obtaining transit permits, saving time and money for tree growers and farmers.
  • Transparency and accountability: The QR-coded permits will allow for easy verification and tracking of forest produce, promoting transparency and accountability in the sector.
  • Boost to agroforestry: By making it easier to transport timber and forest products, the NTPS is expected to incentivize agroforestry practices and boost the sector’s growth.

Special Flag-off Event:

To mark the nationwide launch of the NTPS, Minister Yadav flagged off two special Pan Indian vehicles carrying forest produce from Gujarat and Jammu & Kashmir to West Bengal and Tamil Nadu. These vehicles carry QR-coded transit permits generated under the NTPS, showcasing the system’s ease of use.

Minister Yadav’s Remarks:

Shri Yadav said that the NTPS is a historic achievement and will help to strengthen transparency in the forest produce sector. He also highlighted the role of the system in promoting agroforestry and incentivizing the entire value chain.

Other Initiatives:

The Ministry of Environment, Forest, and Climate Change has also launched several other initiatives to boost agroforestry, such as the Indian Forest and Wood Certification Scheme and the Trees Outside Forest Initiative. These initiatives work together to create a supportive environment for tree growers and farmers.

Getting Started with NTPS:

The NTPS is available online at The system features desktop and mobile applications for easy registration and permit applications. Users can also self-generate No Objection Certificates for exempted tree species.

Current Adoption:

Currently, 25 States and Union Territories have embraced the NTPS, streamlining interstate business operations for producers, farmers, and transporters. This is expected to provide a significant boost to the agroforestry sector.

The NTPS is a major step forward for the forest produce sector in India. By making it easier to transport timber and forest products, the system is expected to boost agroforestry, create jobs, and promote sustainable development.