Overall Coal Production During the Last Five Years

Overall Coal Production During the Last Five Years

Employment Statistics

  • Coal India Limited (CIL): 2,31,058 employees
  • Subsidiaries of CIL: 42,003 employees
  • Singareni Collieries Company Limited (SCCL): 42,003 employees
  • Contractual manpower in CIL: 1,06,522
  • Contractual manpower in SCCL: 25,181
  • Other coal companies: 38,024 employees
  • Total Employment: Approximately 4.43 Lakh people

Mobile App and Web App

  • Mobile App: “Khanan Prahari”
  • Web App: Coal Mine Surveillance and Management System (CMSMS)
  • Purpose: Reporting unauthorized coal mining activities
  • Monitoring Authority: Law & Order authority

Physical Infrastructure

  • Concrete Walls: Constructed at the openings of underground abandoned mines
  • Objective: Preventing access and illegal activities in these areas

Operational Initiatives

  • Surprise Raids/Checks: Conducted jointly by security personnel and Law & Order authorities
  • Dumping of Overburden: Done on outcrop zones
  • Check-Posts: Installed at vulnerable points

Security Training

  • Training Programs:
    • Existing security/CISF personnel
    • Refresher training
    • Basic training for new recruits in security discipline

Coordination and Committees

  • Liaison: Maintained with State authorities
  • Committees/Task Force: Constituted at different levels

Legal Framework

  • Statutory Provisions: Observed during coal production
  • Acts, Rules, and Regulations: Followed as per requirements

Occupational Safety & Health

  • Governance: Mines Act, 1952
  • Administration: Directorate General of Mines Safety (DGMS)
  • Activities:
    • Development of rules, regulations, standards, and guidelines
    • Inspection and investigation of accidents
    • Awareness activities
    • Formulation of risk management plans and Standard Operating Procedures (SoPs)


The information was provided by Union Minister Shri Pralhad Joshi in a written reply in Rajya Sabha.

Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs) with Answers:

  1. How many people are employed in Coal India Limited (CIL), including its subsidiaries?
    • A) 2,31,058
    • B) 42,003
    • C) 4.43 Lakh
    • D) 1,06,522
    • Answer: A) 2,31,058
  2. Which mobile app is launched for reporting unauthorized coal mining activities?
    • A) CMSMS
    • B) Khanan Prahari
    • C) Coal India App
    • D) Mine Surveillance
    • Answer: B) Khanan Prahari
  3. What is the purpose of the concrete walls constructed at the openings of underground abandoned mines?
    • A) Enhancing aesthetics
    • B) Preventing access and illegal activities
    • C) Supporting mine infrastructure
    • D) Allowing easy entry
    • Answer: B) Preventing access and illegal activities
  4. What is administered by the Directorate General of Mines Safety (DGMS) for the occupational safety & health of workers in mines?
    • A) CMSMS
    • B) Mines Act, 1952
    • C) Khanan Prahari
    • D) Coal India App
    • Answer: B) Mines Act, 1952