Pakistan Govt launches international appeal seeking funds

Pakistan Govt launches international appeal seeking funds

In the wake of massive floods across Pakistan, the Prime Minister Mr.Shehbaz Sharif has launched an international appeal seeking funds for relief and rehabilitation of flood-hit people across the country.

The decision to reach out to the world was made during an emergency meeting to reassess the damage caused by floods and to apprise donors of the magnitude of the crisis.

During the urgent meeting, the Pakistan Prime Minister also appealed to the nation to extend help to the flood-stricken people as the government needs additional funds to rehabilitate the flood victims.

In a video message, Mr Shehbaz said, the current relief operation needs 80 billion Pakistan rupees and hundreds of billions of rupees are also required to overcome the losses as well as for rehabilitation of the victims.

So far the massive floods in Pakistan had claimed at least 830 lives and left thousands of people across the country homeless.

Pakistan Climate Change Minister Sherry Rehman admitted Pakistan was not able to deal with the flood situation on its own.