Panchaloha idols unearthed in Sirkazhi

Panchaloha idols unearthed in Sirkazhi

An array of panchaloha idols and copper plates believed to be from the 13th century were unearthed at Sattainathar Swamy temple in Sirkazhi in Mayiladuthurai district.

The Sattainathar Swamy temple in Sirkazhi falls under the administrative control of Dharmapuram Aadheenam mutt. The consecration ceremony of the temple happened 32 years ago. Recently, the temple administration decided to carry out renovation works to perform the Kumbabishegam on May 24.

When the workers dug a pit using an excavator to make arrangements for Yagasalai poojas near the West Gopuram at Nandhavanam within the temple complex, they found nearly 23 icons believed to be Panchaloha idols of various deities within a few meters deep. The icons are believed to be from the Chola era, roughly dating back to the 13th century, said an official requesting anonymity.

Along with the icons, nearly 493 copper plates inscribed in Tamil with Tevaram hymns and old artefacts used in poojas at the temple, such as lamps, and kalasams are among the other items unearthed.

Sirkazhi Temple

Sattainathar temple, Sirkazhi is a Hindu temple dedicated to Shiva located in Sirkali, Tamil Nadu, India. The temple is incarnated by the hymns of Thevaram and is classified as Paadal Petra Sthalam. It is an ancient temple complex with three different Shiva shrines in three stories. The temple is built on Dravidian architecture.