Parle ranked No.1 as India’s most chosen FMCG brand


Homegrown fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) brand Parle has managed to remain the most chosen brand for the tenth year in a row among the segment in India in 2021, revealed the latest Kantar India’s annual Brand Footprint report.

According to the data and rankings from Kantar India’s annual Brand Footprint 2022 report, the top ten most chosen FMCG brands in 2021 are Parle, Amul, Britannia, Clinic Plus, Tata, Ghadi, Nandini, Colgate, Aavin and Lifebuoy. The report has ranked these brands based on Consumer Reach Points (CRPs), which is measured based on the actual purchase made by consumers and the frequency at which these purchases are made in a calendar year.

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