PM inaugurates India Energy Week 2024

PM inaugurates India Energy Week 2024

India Energy Week 2024, inaugurated by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, is a significant event aimed at catalyzing India’s energy transition goals.

Welcoming Participants

  • Prime Minister Modi welcomed participants to the second edition of India Energy Week, highlighting Goa’s energetic spirit and suitability for discussions on sustainability.
  • He expressed confidence in the event leaving a lasting impression on foreign guests.

India’s Economic Growth and Energy Sector

  • Modi noted India’s robust economic growth, surpassing global estimates.
  • Emphasized India’s trajectory towards becoming the world’s third-largest economy.
  • Highlighted India’s significant position in global energy consumption and its growing energy demands.

Infrastructure and Energy Investment

  • Mentioned substantial investment in infrastructure, particularly in the energy sector, to meet growing demands.
  • Noted efforts to increase domestic gas production and expand the share of gas in the energy mix.

Focus on Circular Economy and Biofuels

  • Pointed out India’s commitment to the circular economy, especially in the energy sector.
  • Highlighted the Global BioFuel Alliance’s role in promoting biofuel usage and its economic benefits.

Progress in Renewable Energy

  • Stressed India’s progress in renewable energy, particularly in solar energy.
  • Mentioned initiatives like the Solar Rooftop Panels mission and the National Green Hydrogen Mission.

Commitment to Global Cooperation

  • Emphasized India’s commitment to global cooperation in the energy sector.
  • Encouraged collaboration and knowledge-sharing for sustainable energy development.


  • Expressed optimism about building a prosperous and environmentally sustainable future through collective efforts.

Key Highlights

  • Dates: India Energy Week 2024 is scheduled from 6th to 9th February in Goa.
  • Focus Areas: Aatmanirbharta (self-reliance) in energy, startup integration, and global cooperation.
  • Participants: Expected participation includes 17 Energy ministers, 35,000+ attendees, and over 900 exhibitors.
  • Country Pavilions: Six dedicated country pavilions and a Make in India Pavilion showcasing innovative solutions.

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs):

  1. Who inaugurated India Energy Week 2024?
    • A) President of India
    • B) Prime Minister Narendra Modi
    • C) Chief Minister of Goa
    • D) Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas
    • Answer: B) Prime Minister Narendra Modi
  2. What is the primary objective of India Energy Week 2024?
    • A) Boosting tourism in Goa
    • B) Fostering global cooperation in the energy sector
    • C) Showcasing India’s cultural diversity
    • D) Promoting traditional crafts and art forms
    • Answer: B) Fostering global cooperation in the energy sector
  3. How much investment has been pledged for infrastructure, particularly in the energy sector, according to Prime Minister Modi?
    • A) 1 lakh crore rupees
    • B) 5 lakh crore rupees
    • C) 11 lakh crore rupees
    • D) 20 lakh crore rupees
    • Answer: C) 11 lakh crore rupees
  4. What is the target for ethanol blending in petrol set by the Indian government for 2025?
    • A) 5 percent
    • B) 10 percent
    • C) 15 percent
    • D) 20 percent
    • Answer: D) 20 percent
  5. Which mission aimed at installing Solar Rooftop Panels in one crore homes across India was highlighted by Prime Minister Modi?
    • A) National Solar Mission
    • B) National Green Hydrogen Mission
    • C) National Solar Energy Mission
    • D) Solar Homes Mission
    • Answer: D) Solar Homes Mission