PM Modi Gets Teary-eyed at PMAY Event in Maharashtra, Expresses Desire for a Home

PM Modi Gets Teary-eyed at PMAY Event in Maharashtra, Expresses Desire for a Home

Prime Minister Modi was visibly moved on Friday as he addressed a gathering in Solapur, Maharashtra, during an event marking the dedication of homes constructed under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana-Urban Scheme. Emotions welled up as he shared the joy of delivering over 15,000 homes to beneficiaries from diverse backgrounds, including power loom workers, rag pickers, vendors, handloom workers, and bidi industry workers.

The emotional moment occurred during the inauguration of various development projects in Solapur, where the Prime Minister dedicated Rs. 2,000 crore worth of 8 Atal Mission for Rejuvenation and Urban Transformation (AMRUT) projects in Maharashtra. Additionally, he expressed his happiness for the recipients of the newly constructed homes, acknowledging that their dreams had come true.

While addressing the crowd, PM Modi shared a personal reflection on his childhood, expressing a wish to have lived in such houses during his youth. He highlighted the significance of the PM Awas Yojana, calling it the inauguration of the country’s largest society. The Prime Minister expressed joy in witnessing the fulfillment of thousands of families’ dreams and emphasized their blessings as his most valuable asset.

Reflecting on the past decade, PM Modi underscored his government’s commitment to poverty alleviation through various schemes. Looking forward, he pledged to propel India into the top three economies globally during the third term of his Central government.

In a promise to benefit the state of Maharashtra further, Prime Minister Modi committed to dedicating over 90,000 houses constructed under the PMAY-Urban Scheme to numerous beneficiaries. He also pledged to dedicate 15,000 houses in the Raynagar Housing Society of Solapur to workers and laborers.

The visit continued with the launch of the distribution of the first two installments of PM-SVANIDHI to 10,000 beneficiaries in Maharashtra. Subsequently, PM Modi headed to Bengaluru to inaugurate the Boeing India Engineering & Technology Centre and launch the Boeing Sukanya program in Karnataka.

By Friday evening, the Prime Minister was set to be in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, to inaugurate the opening ceremony of the Khelo India Youth Games.