PR Seshadri Appointed as Managing Director & CEO of South Indian Bank

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has given the green light to the appointment of PR Seshadri as the Managing Director & CEO of South Indian Bank, effective from October 1, 2023, for a tenure spanning three years.

PR Seshadri boasts an accomplished career in banking, encompassing diverse business sectors, functional domains, and global regions. His expertise extends to enterprise-level management as well as the oversight of critical commercial banking operations. Notably, he brings significant experience in effectively navigating investor relationships, board dynamics, and regulatory engagements across multiple international locations.

Renowned as a respected figure in the business realm, PR Seshadri has consistently demonstrated his leadership prowess by orchestrating large teams to realize intricate business objectives. His track record is marked by successful ventures in both launching new enterprises and devising solutions for complex challenges. Moreover, he has excelled in expanding existing and nascent businesses, harnessing emerging technologies and novel market prospects.

Educationally, he holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering and a Post Graduate Diploma in Management from the prestigious Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. Throughout his professional journey, PR Seshadri has held various significant roles, including Managing Director & CEO at The Karur Vysya Bank Limited (KVB), Managing Director & Regional Sales and Distribution Head at Citibank N.A., Asia Pacific, Singapore, and Managing Director & Regional Head of Lending Businesses at Citibank N.A., Asia Pacific, Singapore, among others.

Notably, PR Seshadri’s career has been marked by a series of impactful positions at Citibank N.A., India, including Marketing Director, Head of Structured Finance & Managing Director at CFRSIL & Integration Manager – Associates India Limited, Head of Banking Collections, Head of Automobile Finance – Northern India, Head of Community Banking, Northern India, and Mortgage Business, and Head of Southern India at Citi India.

The South Indian Bank’s headquarters are situated in Thrissur, and it was established on January 25, 1929. With PR Seshadri at the helm, the bank looks poised to embark on a new phase of growth and innovation, drawing upon his rich and diverse expertise in the financial sector.