Praveena Anjana: A Beauty Queen with a Cause

Praveena Anjana is a beauty queen with a cause. She is the newly crowned Miss International India 2023, and she is determined to use her platform to promote women’s empowerment and raise awareness about important issues such as gender equality and education.

Anjana is a chartered accountant by profession, but she has always been passionate about fashion and beauty. She began modeling at an early age and has competed in several beauty pageants, most recently winning the Miss Divine Beauty 2023 pageant in August.

Anjana is a strong advocate for women’s rights. She believes that all women should have equal opportunities and access to education and employment. She is also passionate about raising awareness about gender-based violence and discrimination.

Anjana is a talented classical dancer and enjoys playing the piano. She is also a skilled public speaker. She is confident that she will be able to use her platform as Miss International India to make a positive impact on the world.