Prime Minister’s interaction at the Indian Community Event – ”AHLAN MODI” in UAE

Prime Minister’s interaction at the Indian Community Event – ”AHLAN MODI” in UAE

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi addressed the Indian community in the UAE at ‘AHLAN MODI’, an event organized in his honor by the Indian community in the UAE.

Audience and Participation

  • The event drew participation from the Indian Diaspora across the 7 Emirates and included Indians from all communities.
  • Emiratis were also part of the audience.


  • Prime Minister was warmly greeted by the 40000 strong audience as he entered the arena at the Zayed Sports City stadium in Abu Dhabi.

Prime Minister’s Address

  • Prime Minister expressed gratitude towards the Indian Diaspora for their contribution to strengthening bilateral relations between India and the UAE.
  • He thanked the Rulers and Government of the UAE for their care and assistance, especially during difficult Covid times.
  • Prime Minister shared his vision for India’s progress, aiming to become the third-largest economy by 2030 and a developed country – Viksit Bharat – by 2047.
  • He emphasized India’s role as “Vishwabandhu” contributing to global progress and well-being.

Indian Diaspora in UAE

  • The UAE is home to about 3.5 million Indian nationals, making it the largest population of Indian citizens anywhere in the world.
  • Preparations for “AHLAN MODI” had been underway for several months to ensure a memorable event.

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs):

  1. How many Indian nationals are estimated to reside in the UAE?
    • A) 2 million
    • B) 3 million
    • C) 3.5 million
    • D) 4 million
    • Answer: C) 3.5 million
  2. Where was the ‘AHLAN MODI’ event organized?
    • A) New Delhi
    • B) Mumbai
    • C) Abu Dhabi
    • D) Dubai
    • Answer: C) Abu Dhabi
  3. What is the projected timeframe for India to become the third-largest economy?
    • A) 2025
    • B) 2030
    • C) 2040
    • D) 2050
    • Answer: B) 2030
  4. What term did Prime Minister Modi use to describe India’s role in global progress and well-being?
    • A) Vishwabandhu
    • B) Vishwaguru
    • C) Mahaguru
    • D) Vishwakarma
    • Answer: A) Vishwabandhu