Public awareness program organized to commemorate International Epilepsy Day

Public awareness program organized to commemorate International Epilepsy Day

On the occasion of International Epilepsy Day, various initiatives were undertaken to raise awareness and promote understanding about epilepsy, a medical condition often misunderstood by society.

Events Organized

On Monday, February 12, 2024, multiple events were organized across different regions by the Department and its affiliated institutes to highlight the significance of supporting individuals with epilepsy.

Dispelling Myths and Promoting Acceptance

Recognizing epilepsy as a manageable medical condition, efforts were made to dispel myths surrounding it and promote acceptance within society.

Awareness Programs in Secunderabad

  • NIEPID conducted diverse awareness sessions in Secunderabad targeting various groups including parents, caregivers, students, and staff.
  • These sessions emphasized the importance of empathy and knowledge in dealing with epilepsy.
  • An online webinar facilitated discussions among parents, teachers, and professionals in disability rehabilitation to enhance support systems.

Activities in Noida

  • Engaging activities such as awareness sessions, quiz competitions, and screenings of epilepsy awareness videos were conducted.
  • These activities were aimed at students to foster a culture of inclusivity and understanding.

Public Awareness Program in Gorakhpur

  • A day-long public awareness program was organized to educate the community about epilepsy and its management.
  • The goal was to reduce stigma and encourage empathy towards individuals with epilepsy.

Webinar in Davangere

  • A webinar titled “Care of a Child with Epilepsy” was organized.
  • Experts shared insights and strategies to support children with epilepsy, fostering a supportive environment.

Initiatives in Tripura and Sehore

  • Comprehensive Regional Centre Tripura and NIMHR Sehore also conducted various programs to raise awareness about epilepsy.

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) with Answers:

  1. When is International Epilepsy Day observed annually?
    • A) First Monday of February
    • B) Second Monday of February
    • C) Third Monday of February
    • D) Fourth Monday of February
    • Answer: B) Second Monday of February
  2. Which department organized the events on International Epilepsy Day?
    • A) Department of Health
    • B) Department of Education
    • C) Department of Epilepsy
    • D) Department (No specific department mentioned)
    • Answer: D) Department
  3. What was the focus of the awareness sessions conducted in Secunderabad?
    • A) Teaching first aid for epilepsy
    • B) Empathy and knowledge in dealing with epilepsy
    • C) Fundraising for epilepsy research
    • D) Marketing epilepsy awareness merchandise
    • Answer: B) Empathy and knowledge in dealing with epilepsy
  4. Which center organized a day-long public awareness program in Gorakhpur?
    • A) NIEPID RC Noida
    • B) CRC Gorakhpur Centre
    • C) Comprehensive Regional Centre Tripura
    • D) NIMHR Sehore
    • Answer: B) CRC Gorakhpur Centre
  5. What was the topic of the webinar conducted in Davangere?
    • A) First Aid for Epilepsy
    • B) Understanding Epilepsy Myths
    • C) Care of a Child with Epilepsy
    • D) Advances in Epilepsy Medications
    • Answer: C) Care of a Child with Epilepsy