Pudhumai Penn scheme launched by Tamil Nadu

Chief Minister MK Stalin launched the Pudhumai Penn Scheme in Chennai. The scheme is a special initiative by the Tamil Nadu government toward supporting women in higher education. The meaning of Pudhumai Penn Scheme in English is modern women.

With the Pudhumai Penn Scheme, every girl who has been a student of government school from class 6 to 12 will be eligible for financial assistance. As per this, girls who wish to pursue higher education will be eligible to get INR 1000 per month until they complete their course.

CM said that it is going to shorten the gap in the state’s literacy ratio of men and women. This scheme will help in accelerating educational growth and will bring out a more educated women population. Additionally, it is also going to help in reducing child marriages that are prevalent in some parts of the state. With this scheme, the state government aims to make women more strong and more independent.

As per reports, the Pudhumai Penn Scheme is going to benefit around six lakh girls in the state who are qualified to take up higher learning courses. In order to ensure, the smooth functioning of the scheme, the government allocated ₹698 crores in the 2022-23 Budget for the scheme.