Punjab & Haryana Shine: Three Heritage Sites Win UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards

Punjab & Haryana Shine: Three Heritage Sites Win UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards

In a resounding tribute to India’s rich cultural heritage, three projects from Punjab and Haryana have been awarded prestigious UNESCO Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation 2023. The Rambagh Gate & Ramparts in Amritsar, Pipal Haveli in Gurdaspur, and Church of Epiphany in Gurugram were recognized for their exemplary restoration and preservation efforts.

Rambagh Gate & Ramparts: The imposing gateway, standing at the historical juncture of Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s 19th-century city wall and modern Amritsar, received the coveted Award of Excellence. The meticulous restoration not only preserved the architectural grandeur but also reintegrated the structure into the vibrant community, housing a traditional market, a school, and a printing press.

Pipal Haveli: This 19th-century haveli in Gurdaspur earned Special Recognition for Sustainable Development. The project not only preserved the architectural heritage but also revitalized the surrounding community through skill development programs, eco-friendly construction, and responsible tourism initiatives.

Church of Epiphany: The historic church in Gurugram, Haryana, was bestowed with the Award of Merit for its exemplary community-driven restoration. The project, led by the Church Committee and local parishioners, meticulously preserved the church’s architectural integrity while ensuring its continued use as a place of worship and community gathering.

These awards highlight the commitment of Punjab and Haryana to safeguarding their rich cultural heritage. The recognition from UNESCO serves as a beacon for other conservation efforts across the Asia-Pacific region. It is a testament to the power of community involvement and sustainable practices in preserving our shared past for future generations.