Rajasthan Introduces Groundbreaking Gig Workers Bill Ensuring Social Security

Rajasthan Introduces Groundbreaking Gig Workers Bill Ensuring Social Security
Rajasthan Introduces Groundbreaking Gig Workers Bill Ensuring Social Security

The Rajasthan government has set a precedent by introducing the Rajasthan Platform Based Gig Workers Bill in 2023, making it the first Indian state to prioritize social security for gig workers. At the heart of this initiative is the establishment of the Rajasthan Platform Based Gig Workers Welfare Board, which facilitates gig workers’ registration across all state aggregators.

The bill’s primary objective is to implement a monitoring mechanism, ensuring aggregator compliance with the provisions and consistent deduction of the welfare fee for gig workers. This welfare fee will be contributed by aggregators based on transactions or as directed by the Rajasthan government.

One of the bill’s key features is the creation of an integrated welfare fee deduction mechanism within the aggregator app. To enforce adherence to the bill, penalties are proposed for non-compliance: ₹5 lakh for the first offense and ₹50 lakh for subsequent offenses by aggregators.

Another crucial aspect of the bill is the provision of standardized unique IDs for gig workers, which will be applicable across all platforms. These IDs empower gig workers to access various social security programs, providing both general and specific benefits. The system also allows gig workers to raise grievances effectively and participate in decision-making processes concerning their welfare through representation on the board.

As India anticipates a substantial increase in the gig workforce by 2030, with projections reaching 23.5 million gig workers, the importance of this workforce’s social security becomes evident. The Code of Social Security (2020) acknowledges this significance by dedicating a section exclusively to ‘gig workers’ and mandating employers to offer them social security benefits.

Gig workers encompass a diverse group of independent contractors, online platform workers, contract firm workers, on-call workers, and temporary workers who engage in formal agreements with on-demand companies to deliver services to clients. These gig workers relish unique freedoms, such as setting their own working hours, operating from home, and essentially being their own bosses.

Rajasthan’s proactive approach in recognizing and addressing the needs of gig workers showcases its commitment to promoting their well-being and ensuring a robust social security system for this crucial segment of the workforce.