Record-Breaking Start to the 62nd National Open Athletics Championships 2023

Record-Breaking Start to the 62nd National Open Athletics Championships 2023
Record-Breaking Start to the 62nd National Open Athletics Championships 2023

In an electrifying start to the 62nd National Open Athletics Championships 2023 in Bengaluru, Manikanta Hoblidhar of the Services team has etched his name into the annals of Indian athletics history. With his astounding performance in the men’s 100m category, Manikanta shattered the national record, leaving the crowd in sheer amazement.

In the semi-finals of the Men’s 100m event, Manikanta Hoblidhar unleashed his extraordinary speed and unwavering determination from the third lane. He raced to victory, crossing the finish line in the first position, recording an incredible time of 10.23 seconds. In the preliminary heats earlier in the day, he had already showcased his remarkable speed, clocking 10.50 seconds.

Manikanta’s journey to this national record has been nothing short of exceptional. At the Inter-State Championships in June, he had clocked 10.93 seconds in the semi-finals but fell short of advancing to the final. However, he staged a remarkable turnaround in the Services meet, clinching the gold with a time of 10.31 seconds.

Originally hailing from Udupi, Manikanta currently trains with the Services team in Hyderabad. He joined the Army in 2020, and his progress has been nothing short of remarkable. Despite his humble background and being raised by his sister, Manikanta’s talent and determination have been recognized and nurtured by his mentors.

Manikanta’s record-breaking run has also shone a spotlight on the promising talents in Indian sprinting. Notably, Amlan Borgohain, an Indian sprinter, had clocked an impressive 10.25 seconds in the inter-railway athletics championships the previous year, although this time wasn’t officially ratified. Nevertheless, it highlighted the potential for future records in Indian athletics. Amlan Borgohain’s 10.34-second sprint in the National Open in Warangal in 2021 remains the third-best timing in the men’s 100m.

The podium for the men’s 100m at the 62nd National Open Athletics Championships 2023 also featured other outstanding athletes:

  • Elakkiyadasn K from Railways secured the second position with a time of 10.49 seconds, displaying his sprinting prowess.
  • Saisiddharth R claimed the third spot on the podium with a timing of 10.55 seconds, highlighting his sprinting skills.

In the men’s 100m heats, several other athletes delivered impressive performances. Govind Kumar of Haryana sprinted his way to victory in Heat 1, clocking an impressive time of 10.48 seconds. Jay Shah of Maharashtra wasn’t far behind, finishing first in Heat 2 with a timing of 10.47 seconds. These remarkable athletes have underscored the depth of talent in Indian sprinting and offer a promising future for the sport in the country.