Renowned Professor Sarang Deo Appointed to WHO’s STAG for Tuberculosis

Renowned Professor Sarang Deo Appointed to WHO's STAG for Tuberculosis
Renowned Professor Sarang Deo Appointed to WHO's STAG for Tuberculosis

Professor Sarang Deo, a renowned authority in the fields of Operations Management and healthcare, has been honored with an appointment to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Strategic and Technical Advisory Group (STAG) for Tuberculosis. This appointment underscores his outstanding expertise and significant contributions in combatting tuberculosis, with a specific focus on India.

This achievement holds great significance, not just on a personal level, but also for India’s battle against tuberculosis. Professor Deo’s wealth of knowledge in healthcare management, inventive solutions, and global perspective positions him as a valuable asset in the mission to eradicate tuberculosis and enhance healthcare delivery systems in India and across the globe. It symbolizes a potent collaboration between academia and global health organizations in the ongoing fight against one of the world’s most lethal diseases.

Currently serving as the Deputy Dean of Faculty and Research and as the Executive Director of the Max Institute of Healthcare Management at the Indian School of Business (ISB), Professor Sarang Deo is acclaimed for his pioneering research and innovative healthcare solutions. His primary dedication lies in improving healthcare delivery systems to enhance population-level health outcomes, with particular attention to low and middle-income countries.

One of Professor Deo’s notable research areas centers on private sector engagement models for tuberculosis control and eradication. His work in this domain has the potential to significantly impact India’s efforts to combat this devastating disease. His research extends to comprehending and addressing critical gaps in tuberculosis care and management in India and devising solutions to bridge these gaps.

Professor Sarang Deo is actively engaged with international organizations and partners to analyze and address challenges in tuberculosis care and management. His research is not confined to India alone but embraces a global perspective. He has delved into formal and informal pathways for TB diagnosis in India and explored innovative healthcare delivery models for essential healthcare commodities and services across multiple continents, including Africa, North America, and Europe.

In addition to his newly acquired role in WHO’s STAG for Tuberculosis, Professor Deo also serves as a member of expert committees constituted by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and the National Technical Advisory Group on Immunization (NTAGI). These positions underscore his stature as a trusted advisor in healthcare policy and strategy in India.

The Strategic and Technical Advisory Group for Tuberculosis (STAG-TB) is on a mission to contribute to the global effort to end the tuberculosis epidemic and ultimately eliminate the disease. STAG-TB offers WHO invaluable scientific and technical guidance, with responsibilities that encompass providing independent evaluations of WHO’s strategic, scientific, and technical aspects related to tuberculosis work. They also review progress and challenges associated with TB-related core functions and offer advice on priority activities for prevention and care.

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