Rs.6,246 Crore Education Loan NPA in Government Banks


Indian banks are going slow on sanctioning education loans. Government data show that around 8% of such loans issued by them till the June quarter were non-performing assets (NPAs)—that is, 6,246 crore rupees ($767 million) out of Rs79,900 crore.

Indian Bank registered the highest NPA on education loans at more than 29%, followed by UCO Bank (18%).

Education loans NPA: Government Bank Wise Data

Banks Outstanding NPA
Indian Bank Rs.4,721 crore Rs.1,380 crore
UCO Bank Rs.1,036 crore Rs.188 crore
Indian Overseas Bank Rs.4,046 crore Rs.716 crore
Central Bank of India Rs.3,484 crore Rs.587 crore
Bank of India Rs.2,774 crore Rs.382 crore
Punjab National Bank Rs.7,387 crore Rs.969 crore
Canara Bank Rs.13,193 crore Rs.512 crore
State Bank of India Rs.27,027 crore Rs.603 crore


Education Loan NPA Private Banks

Private sector banks accounted for only around 7% of total outstanding education loans, while regional rural banks had 3% at end of March 2020, a Reserve Bank of India research paper show.

Reason for Education Loan NPA

The main reason for defaults is poor employment. In 2022, thousands were laid off at several multinational companies and startups.

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