Russia to withdraw from International Space Station project after 2024

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Russia has decided to quit the International Space Station after 2024. Moscow’s space agency Roscosmos ‘ newly-appointed chief Yury Borisov announced the decision. President Vladimir Putin was also briefed about it. The announcement comes as tensions rage between the Kremlin and the West over Moscow’s military operation in Ukraine and several rounds of unprecedented sanctions against Russia.

Russia and the United States have worked side by side on the space station which has been in orbit since 1998. Yury Borisov also told Putin that in spite of this decision, space programme will continue to get top priority and Russia will start putting together a Russian orbital station before 2024.

Sending the first man into space in 1961 and launching the first satellite four years earlier are among key accomplishments of the Soviet space programme and remain a major source of national pride in Russia.

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