Sanchi in Madhya Pradesh Achieves Milestone as India’s First Solar City

Sanchi in Madhya Pradesh Achieves Milestone as India's First Solar City
Sanchi in Madhya Pradesh Achieves Milestone as India's First Solar City

In a groundbreaking development, the iconic World Heritage Site of Sanchi, located in Madhya Pradesh’s Raisen district, has achieved a historic milestone by earning the distinction of being India’s very first solar city. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan presided over the formal inauguration of the 3-megawatt solar power facility near Sanchi, precisely in Nagauri. This momentous undertaking is poised to make a substantial impact, as it is projected to annually reduce carbon dioxide emissions by an impressive 13,747 tonnes—a figure that equates to the environmental benefit of over 2,38,000 fully grown trees.

The transformation of Sanchi into India’s pioneering solar city marks a remarkable shift in the energy landscape. The generation of electricity through conventional means, such as coal and other non-renewable resources, has long been associated with adverse environmental consequences. By embracing solar energy, the citizens of Sanchi, in collaboration with the Renewable Energy Department and scientific experts, have embarked on an admirable journey towards sustainability.

The aspiration to make Sanchi a net-zero city, in partnership with IIT Kanpur, stands as a testament to the commitment to environmental preservation. This endeavor serves as a shining example to the world, underscoring the paramount importance of safeguarding our environment in the face of increasing energy demands. The integration of renewable energy sources, such as solar power, is essential to addressing these challenges.

This solar power plant is expected to yield substantial economic benefits for Sanchi, resulting in annual savings of ₹7.68 crore on electricity expenses. The residents of Sanchi have wholeheartedly embraced the concept of solar energy in their daily lives, with a remarkable initiative to introduce solar stand lamps, solar study lamps, and solar lanterns in every home. Furthermore, a five-megawatt solar project is slated for establishment in Gulgaon, which will cater to the energy needs of the agricultural sector near Sanchi.

In a show of collective commitment, approximately 7,000 residents of Sanchi have pledged to conserve electricity by incorporating solar-powered solutions into their households. Notably, domestic rooftops now feature solar plants with a combined capacity of 63 kilowatts.

This transformative initiative not only symbolizes progress but also underscores the importance of sustainable practices. It signifies a resolute dedication to mitigating the adverse effects of traditional energy sources while setting a compelling example for the nation and the world at large.

Additional Information:

  • Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister: Shivraj Singh Chouhan
  • Madhya Pradesh Capital: Bhopal
  • Madhya Pradesh Official Fruit: Mango
  • Madhya Pradesh Governor: Mangubhai C. Patel