Secretary V. Srinivas Launches the Third Edition of NESDA Portal

Secretary V. Srinivas Launches the Third Edition of NESDA Portal
Secretary V. Srinivas Launches the Third Edition of NESDA Portal

In a significant step towards digital transformation and improving e-governance services in India, Secretary V. Srinivas of the Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances (DARPG) has launched the third edition of the National e-Services Delivery Assessment (NESDA) portal.

The NESDA portal is a comprehensive platform designed to assess the performance and progress of government departments and agencies in delivering e-services to citizens. It aims to enhance the efficiency, transparency, and effectiveness of e-governance services across the country. The portal provides a systematic framework for evaluating the quality and accessibility of digital services offered by various government entities.

The launch of the third edition of the NESDA portal reaffirms the government’s commitment to digital governance and citizen-centric services. It showcases the ongoing efforts to leverage technology for improving the delivery of public services, making them more efficient and user-friendly.

The NESDA portal allows government departments and agencies to self-assess their e-governance initiatives against a set of predefined parameters and best practices. It enables them to identify areas for improvement, implement necessary reforms, and track their progress over time. The portal also serves as a knowledge-sharing platform, facilitating the exchange of best practices and lessons learned among different stakeholders.

By adopting the NESDA portal, the government aims to strengthen accountability and transparency in the delivery of e-governance services. It enables citizens to assess the performance of various government departments and provides valuable insights for policymakers to make informed decisions and drive continuous improvement.

The third edition of the NESDA portal introduces several new features and enhancements based on user feedback and evolving technology trends. It offers an intuitive user interface, streamlined navigation, and improved data analytics capabilities, empowering government entities to monitor and enhance their e-governance services effectively.

Secretary V. Srinivas, while launching the NESDA portal, emphasized the importance of leveraging digital technologies to transform governance and ensure citizen-centric services. He highlighted the government’s commitment to embracing innovation and implementing robust mechanisms for monitoring and evaluating the performance of e-governance initiatives.

The NESDA portal represents a significant milestone in India’s digital governance journey. It sets the stage for a more inclusive and efficient administration, where citizens can access government services easily and seamlessly. With its launch, the government reaffirms its dedication to harnessing the power of technology to build a digitally empowered nation.