Sweden Joins NASA’s Artemis Accords for Peaceful Space Exploration

Sweden Joins NASA’s Artemis Accords for Peaceful Space Exploration

Sweden recently joined NASA’s Artemis Accords, a significant step in their strategic partnership with the United States in space exploration.

Signing Event in Stockholm

  • Date: Tuesday, April 16
  • Participants: Swedish Minister for Education Mats Persson and U.S. Ambassador Erik D. Ramanathan
  • Purpose: Official signing of the Artemis Accords
  • Quote: “By joining the Artemis Accords, Sweden strengthens its strategic space partnership with the U.S. on space covering areas such as Swedish space research and the space industry, which in turn also strengthens Sweden’s total defense capability,” said Persson.

Global Participation

  • Recent Signings: Switzerland (April 15), Greece, Uruguay (February)
  • Total Nations: 38
  • Objective: Foster international cooperation in space exploration
  • Historical Context: The Accords build upon principles outlined in the 1967 Outer Space Treaty.

NASA’s Perspective

  • Purpose of the Accords: To guide international cooperation in the Artemis program
  • Artemis Program: Aims to return astronauts to the moon, with missions planned for 2025 and beyond
  • NASA Administrator Bill Nelson’s Statement: Welcomed Sweden to the global coalition committed to exploring space openly, transparently, responsibly, and in peace.

Future Moon Missions

  • Artemis 2: Planned for 2025, will orbit the moon with four astronauts
  • Artemis 3: Planned for the following year, will land a crew of four on the lunar surface, marking humanity’s first return to the moon since 1972.

Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs):

  1. When did Sweden sign onto NASA’s Artemis Accords?
    • A) April 16
    • B) April 15
    • C) February
    • D) March
    • Answer: A) April 16
  2. How many nations have signed the Artemis Accords as of Sweden’s joining?
    • A) 38
    • B) 40
    • C) 35
    • D) 37
    • Answer: A) 38
  3. What is the primary objective of the Artemis Accords?
    • A) To establish dominance in space exploration
    • B) To foster international cooperation in space exploration
    • C) To compete with other nations’ space programs
    • D) To militarize space
    • Answer: B) To foster international cooperation in space exploration
  4. Which mission of NASA’s Artemis program aims to land astronauts on the lunar surface?
    • A) Artemis 1
    • B) Artemis 2
    • C) Artemis 3
    • D) Artemis 4
    • Answer: C) Artemis 3