Syngenta India launches Biodiversity Sensor Project with IIT Ropar

Syngenta India announced a launch of Biodiversity Sensor Project, a biodiversity monitoring technology in association with IIT Ropar.

Syngenta also flagged off India’s first Drone Yatra, that will travel 10,000 kms to create awareness on drone spraying among 10,000 farmers. The Yatra will travel to 13 states to demonstrate and educate farmers on use of drones.

Syngenta is first private company to get approval from Central Insecticide Board, Government of India to use drones for spraying of its product Amistar on paddy to protect the crops against fungal infections, Blast & Sheath Blight.

For the Biodiversity Sensor Project, Syngenta India is working with IIT Ropar & Fraunhofer Institute. The initial phase of the biodiversity project will endeavor to identify and quantify insect life in and around farms – to better track and measure the population of insects that contribute to a healthy agriculture biosphere. “

Syngenta Global also announced a collaboration with IIT Ropar iHub – AWaDH.