Taliban orders Afghan women to wear burqa in public

The Taliban on May 7 passed an order that Afghan women must cover their faces. Taliban has imposed a lot of restrictions on women in which is drawing a backlash from the international community and many Afghans.

Taliban said that a woman’s father or closest male relative would be visited and eventually imprisoned or fired from government jobs if she did not cover her face outside the home.

They added the ideal face covering was the all-encompassing blue burqa, which became a global symbol of the Taliban’s previous hardline regime from 1996 until 2001.

Most women in Afghanistan wear a headscarf for religious reasons but many in urban areas such as Kabul do not cover their faces.

The group has faced intense pushback led by Western governments but joined by some religious scholars and Islamic countries for their growing limits on women’s rights.

The US and other nations have cut development aid and enforced strict sanctions on the banking system, since the Taliban took over in August, pushing the country towards economic ruin.

Taliban recently passed an order that women could not travel without a male and also banned men and women from visiting parks at the same time.