‘Through The Broken Glass: An Autobiography’ – T.N. Seshan’s Impactful Journey as India’s Chief Election Commissioner

Unveiling the life and legacy of T.N. Seshan, ‘Through The Broken Glass: An Autobiography’ chronicles the captivating journey of the former Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) of India, who left an indelible mark on the nation’s electoral process. Published by Rupa Publications India, the autobiography provides an insightful glimpse into Seshan’s pivotal term as the CEC from 1990 to 1995, during which he redefined the dynamics of Indian elections.

With a page count of 368, the autobiography delves into both the professional and personal aspects of Seshan’s life. It takes readers on a compelling tour through his illustrious career, starting as a sub-collector in Dindigul and later serving as a collector in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. Known for his unwavering commitment to integrity and principles, Seshan’s journey is one of conviction and courage in the face of bureaucracy.

The book also unravels the encounters and experiences that defined his early career. A notable incident involves his interaction with Sheikh Abdullah, who was under arrest and moved to Kodaikanal, falling within Madurai district where Seshan was serving as a collector. Faced with the responsibility of handling Abdullah’s letters, Seshan’s steadfastness in upholding his duty even amidst demands for special treatment is emblematic of his unwavering approach to governance.

While ‘Through The Broken Glass’ presents a compelling account of Seshan’s term as the CEC, it also offers glimpses of his persona as a self-righteous south Indian Brahmin, specifically a Tamil Brahmin, characterized by principles and a stern demeanor. The book touches upon his confrontation with administrative superiors, displaying his resolute stance on conducting government affairs with transparency and accountability.

Though the autobiography may not offer intricate insights into the inner workings of people and processes during his bureaucratic tenure, it captures the essence of Seshan’s unwavering commitment to his principles and the fearless pursuit of truth and justice, making it a compelling read for those interested in the fascinating life of a visionary leader.