Tropical Cyclone Warning Issued for Gulf of Carpentaria

Tropical Cyclone Warning Issued for Gulf of Carpentaria

A tropical cyclone warning has been issued for the Gulf of Carpentaria affecting coastal communities from Groote Eylandt to the Northern Territory-Queensland border. The Bureau of Meteorology forecasts the system’s movement and potential impact on the region.

Forecasted Events:

The cyclone is expected to gradually move south over the weekend and weaken early next week. However, before weakening, it will bring severe rain and strong winds to the affected areas.

Risks Associated:

The Bureau highlights several risks associated with the upcoming cyclone:

  • Movement of Tropical Low: A tropical low currently near Nhulunbuy along the northeastern Top End coast is moving towards the Gulf of Carpentaria.
  • Monsoonal Flow: A vigorous monsoonal flow on the northern flank of the low poses the risk of damaging winds to the northeast Arnhem coast. Heavy rainfall is more likely further inland on the southern and western flanks of the low.
  • Potentially Affected Locations: Locations such as Nhulunbuy, Maningrida, Milingimbi, Alyangula, Gapuwiyak, and Numbulwar may be affected by the cyclone.

Expected Wind Conditions:

  • Along the northeastern Arnhem coast east of Milingimbi, strong to damaging winds of up to 65km/h, with gusts of about 100km/h, are expected.
  • Over Groote Eylandt during Saturday morning, damaging wind gusts of up to 110km/h are forecast.

Significant Observations:

  • At Ngayawili Airport, wind gusts of 103 km/h were measured.
  • Milingimbi Airport recorded 135mm of rain in 6 hours.

Severe Weather Warning:

A separate severe weather warning for damaging surf has been issued for coastal areas between Cape Wessel and the Cobourg Peninsula.

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ):

  1. What region is under a tropical cyclone warning?
    • a) Great Barrier Reef
    • b) Gulf of Carpentaria
    • c) Coral Sea
    • d) Torres Strait
    • Answer: b) Gulf of Carpentaria
  2. What is the expected movement of the cyclone over the weekend?
    • a) Northward
    • b) Southward
    • c) Westward
    • d) Eastward
    • Answer: b) Southward
  3. Which locations are likely to be affected by the cyclone?
    • a) Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne
    • b) Nhulunbuy, Maningrida, Milingimbi
    • c) Perth, Adelaide, Darwin
    • d) Canberra, Hobart, Alice Springs
    • Answer: b) Nhulunbuy, Maningrida, Milingimbi
  4. What wind conditions are expected along the northeastern Arnhem coast?
    • a) Up to 50km/h
    • b) Up to 80km/h with gusts of about 120km/h
    • c) Up to 65km/h with gusts of about 100km/h
    • d) Up to 100km/h with gusts of about 150km/h
    • Answer: c) Up to 65km/h with gusts of about 100km/h