Union Bank of India launched ethical hacking lab

Union Bank of India inaugurated ‘Ethical Hacking Lab’ at the Cyber security Centre of Excellence (CCoE) in Hyderabad. The aim of this unique initiative is to build cyber defence mechanism to safeguard the Bank’s Information Systems, Digital Assets, Channels etc. against potential cyber threats.

Union Bank’s Cyber security Centre of Excellence (CCoE) in Hyderabad is in the
process of establishing multiple cyber security centres to strengthen the Bank’s
security posture and collaborate with cyber defence industries, Government
bodies, etc., for implementing new technologies.

Union Bank of India

Union Bank of India, commonly referred to as Union Bank or UBI, is an Indian government-owned bank with 120+ million customers and a total business of US$106 billion. Union Bank of India was established on 11 November 1919 in Bombay (now Mumbai) by Seth Sitaram Poddar. The bank’s corporate office was inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi.