Unveiling of National Martyr’s Memorial and Railway Security Museum by Railway Protection Force (RPF) Director General

In a poignant ceremony at the Jagjivan RPF Academy in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, Shri Sanjay Chander, Director General of Railway Protection Force (RPF), inaugurated the newly constructed National Martyr’s Memorial and National Museum for Railway Security. The solemn memorial, sprawling across 4800 square meters, stands as a tribute to the 1014 martyred RPF personnel who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty since 1957.

The memorial serves as a poignant reminder of the bravery and dedication displayed by these courageous individuals, and the RPF paid heartfelt homage to their unwavering commitment to safeguarding the nation’s railways.

Adjacent to the memorial, the National Museum for Railway Security offers visitors an immersive and informative experience. Covering an area of 9000 sq. ft, the museum houses an array of exhibits spanning the RPF’s history, origin, accomplishments, duties, and responsibilities. With 37 thematic display panels, 11 display cabinets, and a wealth of artifacts and documents, visitors gain a comprehensive understanding of the RPF’s vital role in ensuring the safety and security of India’s railways.

The museum’s guiding motto, ‘Gyanvardhanayachsanrakshanaya,’ encapsulates the RPF’s dedication to fostering knowledge and safeguarding the nation’s heritage for future generations.

As part of the momentous occasion, Shri Sanjay Chander also unveiled several other notable additions to the Jagjivan RPF Academy campus. A War Trophy T-55 tank, a symbol of valor and strength, now stands proudly on display, having been received from the Central Armoured Fighting Vehicle Depot Kirkee, Khadki, Pune. Additionally, the newly constructed Badminton and Lawn Tennis Court, along with the establishment of the Special Band of RPF, were also part of the prestigious unveiling ceremony.

The event served as a poignant moment of remembrance, celebration, and inspiration, honoring the sacrifices of the past and reinforcing the RPF’s commitment to safeguarding India’s railways and its people.