Women’s rights activist from India wins ‘Changemaker’ award at UN SDG Action Awards

A women’s rights activist from India, who traveled 3,800 km through the length of the country in less than a year to raise awareness on gender-based violence and inequality, has won a prestigious honour at the UN SDG Action Awards.

Srishti Bakshi, marketer-turned-women’s-rights-activist, was honoured with the ‘Changemaker’ award at the UN SDG Action Awards for “confronting gender-based violence and advocating for safe access to public spaces.”

The Awards – a flagship of the UN SDG Action Campaign – sought initiatives that ‘Mobilise, Inspire and Connect’ people to drive action towards a more sustainable future on a healthy planet and those that are flipping the script and rethinking “how we live”, the SDG Action Campaign said in a statement.

The finalists were selected from over 3,000 applications from 150 countries. The other award winners are ‘SUPvivors say NO MORE’ in the Mobilise category for “empowering sexual abuse survivors in Ecuador to become ‘SUPER survivors’”, ‘The Masungi Story’ in the Inspire category honouring youth rewriting the future of forgotten watersheds at Masungi Geosreserve in the Philippines and ‘CyprusInno in the Connect category’.