World Maritime Day 2022: Theme, History

Every year on the final Thursday in September, which falls on 29th this year, people around the world commemorate World Maritime Day to recognise the hard work of those who work in the maritime industry.

The English team ‘maritime’ originates from the Latin word ‘maritimus,’ which means ‘of the sea.’ The day sheds light on the role seafarers, service agents, and marine officials play in our personal life. Sea life is undoubtedly challenging given the strain of working long hours for uncertain compensation and being away from home.

World Maritime Day 2022: Theme

The theme for this year is ‘New technologies for greener shipping’. The need to promote a green transition of the maritime industry into a sustainable future while leaving no one behind is reflected in this year’s theme for the day. It offers a chance to concentrate on the significance of a sustainable maritime industry and the necessity to rebuild better and more sustainably in a post-pandemic world.

The 2022 theme will also enable a variety of initiatives to focus on particular issues relating to the promotion of inclusive innovation and the adoption of new technology to aid in the marine industry’s need for a greener transition.

World Maritime Day 2022: History

In 1948, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) was founded to oversee the shipping sector. The IMO upholds a thorough structure that covers technological collaboration, environmental regulation, legal recourse, and safety for every member of its workforce. The first World Maritime Day was observed on 17 March, 1978 to commemorate the day on which the IMO Convention came into effect.