YUVAi Takes Center Stage at GPAI Summit 2023

YUVAi Takes Center Stage at GPAI Summit 2023

YUVAi, a collaborative initiative between the Indian government and Intel, is set to make a significant impact at the upcoming Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (GPAI) Summit. This innovative program empowers school students with AI skills, guiding them towards responsible AI use for solving social challenges.

Nurturing AI-literate youth for a future-ready workforce

YUVAi aims to equip students (class 8-12) with the knowledge and skills necessary to become responsible AI users and developers. It empowers them to leverage AI for tackling social issues and driving positive change. The program’s presence at the GPAI Summit, a global platform for AI leaders, policymakers, and experts, offers a valuable opportunity to showcase its impact and inspire collaboration.

Phased approach for maximized impact and success

YUVAi’s three-phase approach ensures maximum student participation and provides a comprehensive AI learning experience. Students are introduced to various social themes, encouraging them to apply their AI knowledge to real-world problems.

  • Phase 1: Over 8,500 students participated in online orientation sessions to grasp the fundamentals of AI. Teachers also received training to effectively guide students. Students submitted innovative AI-based ideas under eight core themes, resulting in over 750 submissions.
  • Phase 2: The top 200 ideas were shortlisted. Students received in-depth training and mentorship from certified Intel AI coaches and experts, refining their solutions and preparing for the next stage.
  • Phase 3: The top 50 students participated in a four-day face-to-face rapid modeling workshop. This immersive experience provided one-on-one mentorship and expert guidance, allowing them to finalize their projects and develop prototypes. An on-site presentation before a jury panel selected the top 10 students.

YUVAi: Inspiring a future powered by ethical AI

YUVAi’s top 10 finalists will proudly showcase their AI-driven social impact projects at the GPAI Summit. Through this global platform, YUVAi aims to inspire policymakers, educators, and industry leaders to join forces in creating a future where AI becomes a powerful tool for positive change, shaping a brighter tomorrow for all.